There is no difference in being in a band and being on a team. In both scenarios, team or band members must work together toward a common goal—whether to win a game or achieve a particular “sound”. Success in such group endeavors requires communication, discipline, creativity, and cooperation—the very skills that are required of management and employee teams to achieve success in business.

However, becoming an effective and efficient working unit—whether on the bandstand, on the playing field, in the boardroom or in the office—does not simply happen. The skills necessary to achieve group success must be nurtured and developed which requires ongoing investment and practice.

Time: Our program is a 2–3-hour, highly engaged group activity where we split the team into groups (depending on size). We provide a challenge to each group and have them work through communication issues, problem solving, and creativity challenges to complete the task. At the end of the session, each group ‘presents’ their accomplishments to the entire group.

Participants: This program is ideal for 8 – 20 people, however it can be adjusted to accommodate larger groups. While this program targets leadership teams, it is truly applicable to any team that wants to grow and improve communication and productivity. The leader of the team MUST also participate in the activity (which includes the CEO, Executive Director, Chairperson, President, etc.).

Engagement: Periodically throughout the session we will engage teams individually, as well as with the entire group, to discuss and share some of the challenges and experiences that occur along the way. This provides immediate feedback that enables teams to make real time adjustments to impact the output of their challenge.

Outcome: Participants will only get out of it what they put into it. However, our program is designed to gently push people to say, think, and do things that they may not have otherwise intended to do. As a result, we consistently see a tremendous amount of personal and professional development from this exercise that continues beyond the activity and back into the workplace.

Reinforcement: Like any new skill, habit, or behavior, it takes ongoing reinforcement to make it last. We will work with your leadership team to ensure there is a plan and path to revisit these experiences and challenges so your investment goes well beyond this 3-hour program.